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Pacific Coast, Costa Rica Tide Station - Puntarenas and Guanacaste
9° 58.00' N, 84° 50.00' W

Our Tide Charts are visually pleasing, full color graphical representations of predicted tide fluctuations, moon phases and moonlight intensity. The chart also includes a best 'sportfishing times' guide. It is overlaid on the tide chart as a pink graph. This is sometimes known as a Maori fishing calendar, or a solunar fishing chart.

Color Tide GraphsSince these graphs are not perfectly accurate, they should not be used for predicting tides for surfing. A lot of other websites have the exact digital tide data for surfers, but we wanted to present an easy to understand visual graph of how the tides and moon phases interact.

Sunrise and sunset in Costa Rica are pretty consistent throughout the year, about 12 hours of daylight each day, from 6AM to 6PM, give or take. Moonrise and moonset are shown by the blue speckles which indicate moonlight intensity. The graphs also show that High Tide and Low Tide are most extreme during Full Moon and New Moon.

Since we are near the equator, the moon is quite tilted compared to what most North Americans are used to seeing. The "Man in the Moon" is lying on his side, because we are seeing the moon from a different angle as it rotates around the earth. It is really disconcerting the first time you notice it, whether you are surfing or sportfishing.

Costa Rica Tide Charts 2013 surfing and fishing

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